This 8 page booklet is advertising the typeface Avant Garde. Photos were not used in this piece. I illustrated each page using Illustrator. The concept is city life, that Avant Garde could satisfy any occasion in a bustling, busy city.

Fast Food Nation book cover design, 4/0

All food icons (mascots) are winking at the consumer.

This image contains the cover, spine, and book flaps. I used Helvetica for the entire piece.

American Institute of Architects celebrates 100 years of Baltimore Architecture. The blue folder houses three brochures which mimic the style of architecture they are depicting. There is a dye cut on the cover of the folder. The brochures stack inside one another.

This is a spread from each brochure. From front to back: Victorian architecture, Factories, and then International Style architecture.

A house of cards set explaining many details and aspects of the corpus callosum. Each card has a black and white side (representing the left side of the brain) and the reverse side is full color (representing the right side of the brain).